List a Home. Buy a Home!

List a Home. Buy a Home!

What defines a prospect?

A prospect is a know early-stage buyer and seller seeking a solution to an important problem only you can solve, now or in the near future. Everybody else is a suspect. Converting suspects to prospects is hard work and it takes a long time.

Potensial costomers come in (2) two types: Suspects and prospects:

A suspect is someone who appears to fit your target market or shows some interst in your offerings; and

A prospect is someone who has the money, the authority, and the desire to become your buyer or seller.

Prospecting means systematically collecting names of the prosppects (called leads). how you prospect for business dtermines the quality of clients you’ll serve. Prospecting is connecting your value prosposition to ever-higher value clients who represents who best oppurtunities to serve them in ways they highly value.

How do you know of the many potential sellers/buyers (costomers)  to focus your attention on?

Which ones grow to become your future costomer?

Prospecting is not networking

Prospecting requires thouthful analysis. Networking is improvisational and immediate. Prospecting requires equal measures of looking out into the marketplace, assessing the need or demand and introspectng to look within yourself and determine, with clarity and confidence, what opportunities you are well positioned to pursue that will elevate your scene to everhigher levels.

Prospecting requires discernment; it’s not a numbers game.

What business you’re in, you’re not going to serve everybody. There must be a mutually perceived fot between you and your costomer-where the best of you will serve the good of them in a manner they highly value.

When you’re highly specialised, prospecting is easy.

If you’re specialised, prospecting is easy.

If you’re specialised expert, know in the marketplace for solving specialised types of problems, you’ll only prospecting for clients or costomers who need that type of problem solved. It’s much easier to determine who your high value prospects are when you specialise. Specialists stick out, just like there prospects.


Prospecting isn’t an activity you do when you need business. Always prospect, regardless of how busy you are.


Author and Credit: Sanet Koekemoer


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