Trump’s childhood home Auctioned for $2 m

Trump’s childhood home Auctioned for $2 m

NEW YORK – President Donald Trump’s childhood home in the New York borough of Queens has sold for $2.14 million(R27.32 million) — a premium price for the neighbourhood — to an unknown buyer.

Built by his father Fred in 1940 in the upmarket enclave of Jamaica Estates, the building served as the president’s home for the first four years of his life. The address is listed on his birth certificate.

The two-story mock Tudor-style house embellished with red brick sold at auction in January for 54 percent more than its selling price in December, when a real estate investor paid $1.39 million for it. The latest sale closed last week.

Fred Trump, a real estate developer who made his fortune building low-cost housing, also helped develop Jamaica Estates.

He moved his family to a collonaded nine-bathroom mansion he built nearby in 1951.

Asked about the house when he appeared on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in September, then-candidate Donald Trump said it was “sad” the building was on sale at the time. “I want to buy it,” he said.

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